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We’re in this business for a long time. we have experience with local people for more than 15 years and we have online experience with other brands and other sites (prefer not to write where, please don’t ask).

We got an opportunity to present two new brands:

Nano Medical Technology
Medcon Pharma

We’re authorized suppliers of these brands.

Nano Medical Technology is a premium brand. the production process is very meticulous. Nano use high quality carrier oil, solvents. Nano run double oil filter process for smooth injections. packing also very unique, Nano pack the oil in ampoules. the tablets in blisters with unique packing for making anti counterfeit the products. batch # is coated for preventing copying the product. coating can be removed by a coin. accurate dosing in the products – We do guarantee and we have lab tests that posted in our website.

Medcon Pharma produced in other lab. we use also high quality carrier oil, solvents. the process is similar to other underground brands. accurate dosing in the products – We do guarantee that. packing in 10ml vials and tabs in boxes.

These brands have huge sales in the Middle east and GCC area.
We ship the products from two main warehouses: USA and Europe, the country from Europe isn’t EU member.

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We offer great customer service, you can reach us by WhatsApp, Telegram and E-mail.

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