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Domestic USA Shipping 🇺🇸

Frequently Asked Questions

No at all, order amount as you wish. shipping price applied depends on your selected shipping method.

That’s good question, we offer two brands: Nano medical is pharma grade quality, high quality of producing. packed in ampoules and blisters. and Medcon Pharma Underground grade.

We offer the brand in 3 shipping variations: USA domestic, Worldwide express, and GCC delivery (soon)

We have a lot of experience selling the brand in Europe and GCC. we’ll provide you with the best service. just give us a try.

We’re official sponsors of

Currently we do offer 3 payment options:

1. Cryptocurrency payment.

2. Western union money order.

3. Money gram money order.

4. Zelle pay (please read the Zelle pay section).

We offer 3 shipping options:

1. Worldwide express, usually takes 5-7 business days. shipped from our main warehouse in Europe. country not from Europe union, so every package will be passed thru customs. we do ship very discreetly as possible.

2. USA domestic, service for our US based customers, usually takes 2-5 business days depends on the state. packages will be shipped domestically so no customs will be involved.

3. GCC delivery, service for our Gulf Cooperation Council customers. areas like Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and etc’ will be offer soon.

Each shipping have his flat rate price, once the order have been shipped. we’ll provide the tracking number. please be patience, usually the tracking info will be updated maximum within 1 business day, especially in USA domestic.

Shipping method automatically chosen for the specific country.

No, order amount as you wish. shipping rate are flat, no matter your order size.

These are two different brands.

Nano Medical is the state of the art of premium brand. from the oil, to filtering and the packing. produced in Genuine labs.

Medcon Pharma produced in different lab, the packing like UG companies. but the quality is high, accurate dosing and smooth injections.

The price is differ due the production process. the dosage is accurate. in Nano medicals they use double filters for the oil, they higher quality solvents like pharma grade company use. packing of the products E.G ampoules/Blisters.

If you’ll like to do a change in your order, please contact us immediately. since we process the order very fast. we’ll try to do our best to make correction in your order, but it not guaranteed. We have two option for contact us fast: WhatsApp and Telegram.

We’re official suppliers of Nano medical and Medcon pharma.

Please check thru their websites: 

Nano medical:

Please verify their product at:

Medcon Pharma:

Check code:

You can buy crypto currencies by credit card.

We recommend these websites:

We recommend buying USDT since the currencies of Etherium and Bitcoin are changing all the time.

Once you bought the crypto, it asking for a wallet. the wallet you can find after the checkout of your order.

For more assistance, you may contact us by Whatsapp, Telegram or Email.

We accept Zelle pay method, it not automatic. if you want to pay by Zelle pay. choose Moneygram/Western union option, then contact us by email for Zelle pay details.