Shipping policy

We have three shipping options:

1. Worldwide express – shipping from our EU warehouse (not EU union country), delivery around 5-7 business days.
2. USA domestic – relevant for the US based customers, delivery inside USA. delivery 2-5 business days depends on the state. sometimes there are delays that out of our control
3. GCC domestic – relevant for our customers from GCC area, currently unavailable.

What we guarantee?

We guarantee shipping to your location, we’re taking responsibility for each shipping very seriously. each package will be packed very discreetly.
Please read the next paragraph regarding the seizures.

What if the customs seizure my package?

Please provide us the customs seizure letter or any proof that the package being seizure, like a proof from the postal website.
We’ll reship your order, please understand that we’ll reship only once and we don’t refund any money due safety reasons.
That relevant only for Worldwide express.

Lost package?

We’ll reship any order that the package have been lost for 21 days.

When will we ship your order?

We’ll do our best to ship at the same day after clearing the funds. sometimes due the difference in the hours, we’ll ship next business day.

Our business days are Mon-Fri.

Shipping combinations:

We don’t offer any shipping combinations like products from USA and from our EU warehouse in the same order, please place different orders.

Shipping rate:

Our shipping rate includes the shipping charges, packaging, material costs and handling charges of our employees. we’ll appreciate your understanding why we can’t charge exactly the postal price. if your order is bulk and we’ll have to split your order, this is on our expense.

Any more questions, please contact us by e-mail, WhatsApp and Telegram.